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Our Garment Sampling Process Encompasses Seven Key Steps:

1. Acceptance of Tech Pack:

The journey begins here, with the tech pack being forwarded to us by the buyer via the merchandiser. This pack contains all the essential specifications needed to craft the garment.

2. Pattern Designing with CAD:

At this stage, we employ a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system to develop the garment pattern. While CAD is favored for its efficiency over manual sketching, it's not the sole method we use. CAD allows us to design both tangible and digital models with precision.

3. Sample Construction:

The heart of this department is the creation of samples. Once the pattern is devised, we use it to construct the sample piece.

4. Size Configuration:

We set the size based on the tech pack during the sample's assembly. Should any issues arise, we produce another sample for accuracy.

5. Pre-Production (PP) Meeting Coordination:

Following the buyer's review of the sample, we promptly organize a pre-production meeting. This session includes the merchandiser, the sample manager, and either the buyer or their delegate.

6. Sample Evaluation:

After finalizing the sample, we proceed with grading. As designs may vary across different grades, this step helps us differentiate between various samples and their corresponding patterns.

7. Drafting and Cutting:

Post-grading, the design is transferred to the marker software. This software guides the layout of the pattern on the fabric, optimizing material usage.

With the pattern now ready, it's sent to the cutting machines, where the fabric is precisely trimmed, setting the stage for the final product.

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