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Updated: Apr 25

Our quality is a reflection of us. The best quality is being maintained right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the stage of a final finished garment through our manufacturing process. A complex quality control procedure that spans various stages after being cut and stitched. We provide High-Quality Custom Apparel manufacturing ​under the Quality Control and Quality Assurance team to check and audit every single point of operations.


We know that good quality fabric is the foundation of what makes great clothing. That’s why our fabric is sourced to match your exact requirements for feel and look. We maintain a high standard of fabric quality check. We follow a 4 point system for fabric inspection to measure the quality level of the incoming fabric in our unit. Fabrics are first checked on a fabric inspection machine, if the fabrics are not up to standard, the fabrics will be rejected. This is the first and important stage of quality control. The in-house lab is also fully equipped from Lab Dipping with a Wash Testing, Colour fastness, a shrink test, Fabric Weight, Garment Durability, and many other tests which are standard for fabric.

After fabrics passed inspection and testing, they will go through relaxing stage, this is when we will gently loosen up the fabrics and let them sit and relax for at least 24-48 hours. This is an important step to control sizing and shrinkage.


We are professional on pattern designing and grading.

The Cutting department is equipped with the professional paper pattern system for pattern designing and grading, and an state-of-the-art automatic fabric cutting machine. Its auto lay marking and plotting helps us to reduce fabric wastages and enhance fabric usability. In order to ensure the constant supply of cut panels, our computerized semi-auto laying and cutting production runs in parallel to ensure the needs of the stitching sections are met.


We have a large number of stitching units fully equipped with the latest machinery with automatic, semi-automatic and conventional machines. This gives us the flexibility and speed to produce many types of garments simultaneously with a capacity of large production per day. In both production and quality, we have an experienced and technical team which ensures the tailoring art of stitching. That is an important factor in our growth and customer satisfaction. We have unique quality control and quality assurance systems, which ensure the quality and customer's standards at the start of the production, in the sewing lines and at the finishing.


The garments are finally ironed & checked before finishing and packing. Our finishing department includes inspecting, ironing, folding and packaging. The products will first go through another round of inspection before they will be ironed and packaged and eventully boxes and shipped. Again, personal attention ensures that all the fabric leaving the finishing department is properly inspected and thoroughly checked before being forwarded to the next stage of production.

After garments are packed up to a certain quantity, our quality control team, do an audit of the packed garments. This process is carried out to ensure that before handing over the shipment to the buyer QC.

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