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Professional Garment Manufacturer



Tak Po Group Limited is a leading garment manufacturer and exporter specializing in compression sportswear and functional sportswear. Founded in 1988, our company has been serving customers across the world with high-quality garment produced within our factories located in China and Vietnam. With 30 years of expertise, we are well regarded within the industry and we strive to uphold this reputation through serving our clients with excellent services and experience. 



Tak Po Group is a collective, multi-level company with subsidiaries and sister companies each responsible for different area of the business. Team Power Industries Ltd. is a company under Tak Po Group's administration responsible for trading of it's online businesses. Zhongshan Tak Mei Sports Mfg. Ltd. is a factory in China which is also under Tak Po Group's administration, responsible for the manufacturing of garments, supporters and masks.



Tak Po Group Limited’s headquarter is strategically located in Hong Kong with factory located in China. We are well equipped with 77 sets of computer controlled flat lock sewing machines and 6 sublimation printers as part of our 700 sets of equipment. To ensure the quality of our products, we also employ computerized no tension spreading machines and computerized cutting machines to secure the accuracy of our fabric cuttings. Our team of hundreds of veteran workers within our 21,000 square meters manufacturing plant is always ready to meet our client’s needs.


Factory Standards

As part of Tak Po Group Limited’s continuous mission to improve our services, our factory strictly follow the best industrial standards and innovative practices. Our factory are qualified for ISO 9001:2008 and execute Environmental Cleaner Production to achieve better operational performance while minimizing impact to the environment. In 2007, we are proud that our factory has been certified as  "China Top Enterprises".



Our company specializes in manufacturing and exporting compression sportswear and functional sportswear/garment. Our expertise includes producing cycling jerseys, yoga pants, and impact shorts for corporates such as Asics, Skins, Mc David, Prana and Trek . We are also experienced in developing new products for our valuable customers. 

Shake on It

Quality & Service you can rely on

"The Best Starts From Me" is our factory mission and we constantly remind ourselves.

We strictly follow the requirements and ISO 9001 in quality management.

In pre-production, we carefully inspect materials and pre-shrink fabrics to ensure accurate sizing. 

Our Q. C. will certainly maintain good quality of product before shipment.

Our R. & D. Department will serve you with various designs upon your request.

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